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Hot, Sunny days in Hood River and amazing corn snow for climbing/skiing on both Mt Hood and Mt Adams.

Hood River is pretty much Peter Pan Land. 

Play young, stay young! 


Want to keep up on local events and weather conditions?
Go to : thegorgeismygym.com


We are busy switching our inventory from winter over to summer mode and steadily upgrading our website with a relaunch this Spring (or Summer, depending on if the weather continues to force to focus too much on kiting, hiking, riding and paddling).  

Ski/Snowboard Sales are in full swing and our Kiteboard and SUP racks are packed full.  The Camping Dept is always packed as well and we keep it restocked on a weekly basis all year round.


Have any questions about product availability or special ordering?

Call us at the shop directly 541-386-4464 or email us at info@2ndwind-sports.com