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About Us

Welcome to 2nd Wind Sports!

Here at 2nd Wind Sports we are invested in the best interests our customers; our community; and our employees.  It is very important to us that you end up with the best equipment, apparel and accessory for your skills and budget. 

When we're deciding what products to bring into the store we look for durability and quality as well as affordability and strength of the company.  We also look for range of use, skill level required of the user and how appropriate it is for the conditions you'll encounter in the Gorge area regardless of whether it's new or consigned.

We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service for all individuals from first timers, recreationalists, up to expert athletes.  This is a huge advantage to having a brick and mortar store.  We always encourage customers to come in to get their shopping done so we can get fit right and help you select the absolutely correct piece of equipment.  While time is not always available, the personal shopping experience saves a lot of time and money in the long run. 

If you have questions, we strongly encourage you to call the store to ask questions before you buy.  That's what we're here for!!

Additionally, we have equipment demos and rentals of assorted products that are available for sale so the customer can “try before they buy”.

We have been strong supporters of our community over the years, and this is made possible by our customers who choose to shop locally at 2nd Wind Sports.  You shop here, you can be sure your dollars will go to a good cause.

Thank you for shopping at 2nd Wind Sports.  Your decision to shop here means the world to us!

Local knowledge, Local Prices, Local Staff



Pepi Gerald


Pepi Gerald, Owner. An experienced kiteboarder, windsurfer, skier, snowboarder, outdoorsman and surfer/SUP’er, Pepi brings a wealth of experience to 2nd Wind Sports from his 20+ years of marketing and sales experience in the wind, water and snow sports manufacturing industries.  With work, family, too many backyard projects, and work (seems like it is what he is always doing)again, Pepi's play time is usually limited but hard earned.  If you happen to see him running through the parking lot at the Event Site or on the mountain, you can be sure he is either quickly trying to start or finish a session in between work or family responsibilities.   









Erica Gerald




Erica Gerald, Owner. Erica enjoys spontaneous adventures more than anything!  Dropping everything and running out the door is her kind of thing.  When she can't just take off Erica enjoys running, SUP'ing, hiking, camping, sailing, Alpine, Nordic and Skate skiing as well as snowboarding. Erica was the founder and past president of the Seattle Women’s Windsurfing Association and is a former nationally ranked collegiate sailor. Erica enjoys pursuing all the new activites her kids get excited about as well.  Regardless of new or old favorites, Erica does most of her activities alongside her kids so she's learned what it takes to get and keep the kiddos excited about getting outside. Erica has a background in Biology and Wetland Restoration.  It is due to this experience and appreciation for the raw environment that Erica is strongly committed to our Consignment Program and offering parts for extending the life of gear whenever possible. When Erica is not enjoying the outdoors or running around with the kids, she is busy working behind the scenes of 2nd Wind Sports. If you are lucky enough to find her in the shop, she is full of local knowledge and information.












Don Lowry. Hike it, climb it, slide it or paddle it, Don's your man.   With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, Don is our 'go to' guy when it comes any questions about backcountry skiing, splitboarding, hiking, rock climbing, camping, and paddling.  Originally from the East Coast via a solid hiatus in the rockies developing his paddling and climbing skills, Don has made Hood River his home and is rapidly chalking up hiking and climbing accomplishments on a weekly basis. Likely able to handle any question you may throw at him, Don is the man to either answer your question, or find it for you. Aside from all of his outdoor skills, Don brings with him a ton of personality, humor and patience, that we benefit from each and every day.








Katie Noblett. Katie comes to us via her time spent working as a veteran kiteboarding instructor for our local kiteboarding school, Cascade Kiteboarding.  Having spent a good amount of her kiting career as both an instructor for Cascade and before that as a kite instructor in Punta Chame',Panama and Long Beach, CA, Katie brings to the shop a wealth of knowledge in kiteboarding lessons, beginner advice and years of experience flying a variety of different kites.  In additon to kiting, Katie is one of our 'go to' people for snowboarding, camping, hiking, nordic skiing and SUP advice.  Attention to detail,  coming to work with a great attitude and being happy living in Hood River (snowi, rain, or shine) are all traits that make Katie a great person to work with at the shop.

Cascade Kiteboarding School : http://www.cascadekiteboarding.com/










Abby Bergemann. .  Although still one of the younger of our current staff, Abby is an actual veteran staff member, having now been with for more than a few years.  Growing up in and around the shop, Abby has found her niche at the shop, establishing a confidence and style all her own.  Wtih a solid freestyle/park skiing background from years on the slopes, Abby is a great skier, mtn biker, sailor, hiker, camper, SUPer and budding new backcountry skier.  Being a  Bergemann, Abby has had to carry the torch as the 2nd Bergemann to work at the shop after her sister, Hannah, moved off to college in Bellingham where she eventually became the floor manager for the local Kona bike shop.



Charlie Cohn.  Charlie's pretty much as local as they come, born and raised in Hood River on Biking, Skiing, Kiteboarding, Skateboarding and a rather exceptional Lacrosse athlere as well.   He's an aggressive athlete in just about everything he does, but his specialties are Strapless Surf Kiteboarding and Freestyle Skiing. We're super happy to have welcomed Charlie to the staff/team as he comes in with a wealth of local knowledge and experience in most all of the sports we represent   If you don't see Charlie at the shop, he's likely out on the river kiting, up on the mountain skiing or in the hills riding.


Riley Bauer.  Riley is another one of our homegrown locals, growing up in a family that's either on the water sailing or windsurfing in the summer and running gates, or freeskiing in the winter time, she's one of our alpine department powerhouse staff members.  Fitting boots, skis and giving advice on technique and gear are her strengths, as well as combining efforts with Katie and Abby to bring the apparel and display layouts at 2nd Wind up to an entirely higher level than ever before, the shop has never been better with her around. 

Sam Raulston.  Sam started working for 2nd Wind Sports on our first moving day into our new and current location in April 2014.  He has excellent knowledge of where everything is at in the store and what it's good for.  Sam did a lot of sports in High School including being on the Freestyle Ski Team.  Other than skiing he's been great in our skate department, building complete longboards for customers.  Sam is one of our seasonal college student staff members who works long hours through the summer and fills in over the holidays when we truly need the extra help!


Alex Chadney. Alex has been a huge asset to our Nordic and Skate Department, as well as our Windsurf, Skiing, and SUPing departments.  He was on his High School Nordic Team and fell in love with these sports. Alex caught on quickly and became proficient and, due to his quick learning curve, he's been awesome with helping customers get set-up and dialed in with their gear.  Typically Alex is our Windsurfing go-to guy durig the summer season, but ever since mastering his kiteboarding skills, he has become a double threat in sales and customer service for both kiteboarding and windsurfing.  This summer he is participating in the Gorge Cup Windsurf Race serices and will be diving headfirst into developing his foil-windsurfing skills.  Alex genuinely enjoys talking with customers and seeing them out on the water.  Alex is another one of our college student seasonal workers who works hard during summer break and fills in during the winter whenever he is in town and has time to spare.