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Consignment Policy

Consignment Policy

Items we take on consignment:


  • Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Sleeping Pads
  • Backpacks
  • Longboards or Mountain Boards

WINTER ITEMS (Accepting items: OCTOBER 15 - MARCH 15)

  • Skis, Alpine Bindings, Ski Boots and Poles (Max 10 years old. Working condition with no damage)
  • Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, and Snowboard Boots (Working condition with no damage)
  • Snowshoes, Trekking Poles, Gaitors
  • Cross Country Skis, Bindings, Boots, and Poles (Still in working condition)
  • Winter Apparel (Jackets, Pants, Fleece, and Baselayer - Must be cleaned and in good condition)
  • Winter Accessories (Hats, Gloves, Skins, Child Harnesses, Board Bags)

SUMMER ITEMS (Accepting items: MAY 1 - AUGUST 15)

  • Kites, Boards, Bars, Harnesses, and Pumps (Max 5 years old. Working condition with no damage)
  • Windsurf Boards, Sails, Masts, Fins, and Parts
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boards and Paddles
  • Boards Bags (Kiteboard, Windsurf, "Golf", SUP)
  • Wetsuits, Rashguards, Booties (Cleaned and in good condition)
  • Athletic Apparel (Rain Gear, Jackets, Pants, and Baselayer)
*What is acceptible to consign is up the discression of 2nd Wind Sports. We base our decision on the quality, year, sellability, etc.

Selling a consigned item:

  • Items must be clean and in good condition
  • After an item sells, you may collect you check or keep the money as store credit.
  • If you need a check mailed, talk to an employee to make arrangements in advance. There is a $2.00 post and handling fee for this service.
  • 2nd Wind will not call you when your item sells.
  • 2nd Wind does not retain payment for any consigned merchandise beyond 1 year from date item sells.
  • After 6 months any unsold consigned merchandise becomes property of 2nd Wind Sports.
  • For best results, keep a personal record of what you brought in and its list date.
  • 2nd Wind does not trade or buy outright
  • 2nd Wind is not responsible for items damaged or missing parts.
  • There will be a $10.00 REMOVAL FEE for each item removed before a 1 month. You cannot bring the item back for consignment until the following season.
  • SUMMER ITEMS: Any items not sold by August 31st will mark down an additional 20% from current selling price. We ask that all summer consignment items be removed by September 30th.
  • WINTER ITEMS: Any items not sold by March 31st will mark down an additional 20% from current selling price. We ask that all winter consignment items be removed by April 30th.
  • After 6 months from the date dropped off, if your item has not sold and you have not come to pick it up, your item will become property of 2nd Wind Sports and may be donated to a local organization.


If an item sells for:                 You get:

$0 - 49.99    ………………………    55%

$50 - 199.99   …………………....    60%

$200 - 499.99   ……………….....   75%

$500 +  ……………………………....   80%


Equipment Markdown:

  • 10% Every 60 days

Apparel Markdown:

  • 10% Every 30 days

Buying consigned items:

  • Please ask a sales person to verify if an item is a consignment item.
  • All new and used consigned items are AS IS.
  • There are no returns/refunds on consigned items. You are free to re-consign an item in your name.
  • Purchase and use at your own risk. 2nd Wind Sports assumes no liability for consignment items.