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 Gorge Kiteboard School provides all the equipment you need for your lessons including, Headzone radio helmets, Promotion wetsuits, flotation vests, harnesses, booties, and kites and boards. If needed a Jet Ski is standing by and ready for use for all lessons. Each 3-hour lesson starts with 30 - 60 minutes of classroom time to make the water time as productive as possible. This allows the student a chance to get a clear understanding of the skills they are working on, establish a common vocabulary and cover safety issues.







Cascade Kiteboarding runs private kiteboarding lessons out of Hood River, Oregon, catering to individuals looking for a private and more personalized learning experience. Each lesson is customized to the student's level, progressing at a comfortable pace, but yet presenting challenges and benchmarks for the student to attain. Cascade uses the HeadZone radio helmets and assists ALL water lessons with a lesson-specific waverunner.





IS KITEBOARDING DIFFICULT TO LEARN? Learning to kiteboard is easier than ever before. New equipment and new training techniques have made the learning process fun and rewarding. It only requires a modest investment of time and money to get into the sport. That combined with a little patience and motivation is all it takes to be a kiteboarder.

DO I HAVE TO TAKE A LESSON? Absolutely, kiteboarding is a technical sport with a steep learning curve.  Like scuba diving, or flying a paraglider, you don't want to take unnecessary risks while learning. Many of the techniques are counterintuitive, and are best learned in a lesson. Because of the huge forces involved you do not want to make costly mistakes. Lessons shorten your learning time and keep you much safer in the process. If you try to teach yourself, you will either destroy your kite, injure yourself, injure someone else, all of the above, or even worse.  Get at least one three hour lesson from a professional kiteboarding instructor.  In the end, this will save time, and money, not to mention frustration, and possibly your life. 

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Sign up for a lesson. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you fly a trainer kite, and get a good kiteboarding instructional video. This is the best homework to get done before your first kiteboarding lesson. A "trainer" kite is best to learn with. These kites are typically very small and generate minimal power, promoting safety to the beginner. They should be used safely away from people and powerlines, and you should start in light winds. You will need a dedicated buddy to run around and relaunch your kite too. Flying any type of kite will help you to understand the wind and kite better.