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Liquid Force 2L Tall Kite Pump

Liquid Force 2L Tall Kite Pump

Liquid Force 2L Tall Kite Pump
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2L Tall Kite Pump
2 Liter Tall Narrow Pump | Double and Single Action Pump | Incorporated Precision Gauge
Do you travel the world in search of epic conditions? Is your vehicle stuffed with so much gear it feels like an advanced level Tetris game every time you
head to the beach? The 2L Tall packs the punch of a standard 2-liter airflow pump in a size that fits in more places. In addition to a taller position and
ergonomic design that amplifies ease of use, the 2L Tall also doubles as an inflatable SUP pump!
*Shop Staff side note - "This is our 'Must bring' kite pump on snowkite adventures due to it's more slender profile fitting much better into our backcountry packs and tall enough to accomodate deep new snow when pumping."
Two inflating speeds: Two or One way pump tuning, which facilitates the inflation of the kite.
– Sand hermetic increase pump efficiency.
– Optimized size: more air volume for less effort.
– Ergonomic hand grips
– Protected pressure Gauge for an accurate inflation.
– Supplied with 3 adapters to meet different valves including inflatable SUP type.
Tall Kite Pump - 2L

  • Color = Yellow
  • Size = 2L
  • Brand = Liquid Force

Item ID: 106187

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