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2017 Airush Diamond Surfboard Flytech- SALE $699

2017 Airush Diamond Surfboard Flytech- SALE $699

2017 Airush Diamond Surfboard Flytech- SALE $699
SKU 120493
Shipping Weight 20.00 lbs
Retails at: $899.00
Our price: $649.00
5'6" Diamond Surfboard Flytech - SALE $699
Working closely with key female riders, we have developed an all round women’s specific shape to meet the demands of a more diverse range of conditions. With reduced volume to suit lighter riders, the Diamond also has a narrower stance.
The intermediate length creates stability in higher winds and powerful surf, while the intermediate width assists with the drive to deal with less than ideal conditions. A single concave bottom shape keeps the Diamond Surf loose and maneuverable and provides the drive you when you need it.
5’6″ x 17.75″ x 2″ 20L

  • Accessories = Straps, Pads, Fins Sold Sepera
  • Board Style = Kitesurf
  • Size = 5'6"
  • Brand = Airush

Item ID: 120493

Category: Boards


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